How Sizing Works:
A. You 
Do NOT Own a Shirt That Fits Well - Take the Ask Our Tailors Option
B. You Have a Favorite Shirt That Fits Well - Take Option 2 or 3.

2. Measure Your Best Fitting Shirt Here >

Quick and Accurate: 10 Minutes, 97% Accuracy. Can be done with measuring tape or ruler, fully equiped with photo and video tutorials. Best method for guys who want instant satisfaction with the accuracy.

Most Accurate: 10-15 Days, 99% Accuracy. We'll send you a Postage-Paid envelope so you don't pay for the service. Put the shirt in the envelope, we measure it, and send it back to you.


Some brands claim to have superior fit, others even try to peddle a tailored fit, but the only true fit is custom made just for you

What If It Doesn't Fit? The Best Return Policy in the World. 

A no questions asked, 365 day return policy, on a CUSTOM product. Even though we make custom shirts stitched just for you, if for whatever reason you don't like anything about it, fit, fabric, anything, we'll happily remake you another one for free, even provide a refund. We're perfectly okay with you requesting a remake with new measurements after you've received your first shirt, our goal is to get you in shirts that fit great, because we know you'll get more once you get the perfect fit. That's what experiencing the custom difference is all about. 

1.Ask Our Tailors Here >

Easy and Accurate: 3-4 Minutes, 90% Accuracy. The most popular choice for men who do not own at least one shirt they enjoy the fit of, it's easy yet surprisingly accurate. It asks questions you probably already know the answer to like your height and weight, your collar size and sleeve length, and a few others.