What is Blank Label

The idea for Blank Label first originated when Fan, Founder+Chief, was in London and first experienced the luxury of custom apparel. However if he wasn't taken by his boss, he never would have done it himself. For most people visiting a tailor for custom apparel is somewhat intimidating and often prohibatively expensive with most local tailors charging $150-400 for a custom dress shirt. That's when the idea of bringing it online occurred, and the mission of making the luxury of custom dress shirts more accessible and affordable was born. 

How Does Custom Sizing Work

We have three simple sizing options: Ask Our Tailors, Measure Your Best Fitting Shirt, Send In A Shirt For Us To Measure. Our most popular option is Ask Our Tailors, where our tailors will determine your custom sizes based off information you already know.

For the more astute, Measuring Your Best Fitting Shirt is likely a good option as you can gauge little changes yourself. Sending In a Shirt is also popular as it's free since we send a reply-paid envelope. Modifying Standard Sizes is the quickest option and good for those who have a standard body shape and just want shorter length shirts for example.

What is the Return Policy

Any Shirt, Any Time, Any Reason. Even though every single shirt we make is custom made just for you, if there's any thing about it that you don't like, fabric, fit, style, we'll remake it for you from scratch. Even better, domestic and international return shipping is free.  

How Fast is Shipping

Our free standard shipping is 3-4 weeks from order to delivery, our expedited shipping is 2 weeks and costs $8 extra. If you need something super expressed, there are instances we can ship it within 6 business days. Drop us a line at sayhi@blanklabel.com and we'll let you know if it is possible.

How Much Do They Cost

Shirts start from $60 and go up to $135. Shirt costs vary based on the fabric. Generally the higher thread count fabric, the finer the feel of the cloth and the more expensive the shirt. We do not charge extra for any customizations, including monogramming. Standard shipping is also free. 

I Am Looking for a Particular Type of Customization That You Don't Have On Your Site, How Can I Get It

Because all our shirts are custom made from just a piece of cloth, we can pretty much adhere to any customization requests, including particular types of collars, additional sizing customizations, even the size of the pocket you'd like. Just drop us a note at sayhi@blanklabel.com and we'll add it to your order form. If it's a particularly unusual request, best to ask us first. See more ideas here.




1. Choose from The Classics, our New Collection, or Design Your Own Dress Shirt.

2. Select features based on your dress shirt preferences, e.g. double button cuff or french cuff.

3. Select a custom size, without needing to visit a tailor.

4. We stitch the shirts and get them out to you in 2-4 weeks.

5. Love the shirt and be able to easily re-order with the perfect fit, or take advantage of our awesome returns policy to get a free remake. 


Over 15,000 Satisfied Customers Since Starting 2 Years Ago.

Profiled in The New York Times as the Custom Dress Shirt Destination, and Favorited by Washington Post's Slate Magazine.


0:10 Custom Sizing

0:40 Selecting Your Shirt

1:12 Collar Lining

2:12 Monogramming

2:52 Sizing Selection

3:34 Shipping

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