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Fan Bi
Founder + Chief Shirt

The Story

Blank Label started as a conversation between two friends. One of them decided to go to Grad School, the other tried to start a revolution. A few years ago, Fan spent a summer in Shanghai, where he played table tennis (clichéd but true), ate a lot of dumplings (more clichéd but more true) and got quite a few co-created dress shirts made. Being able to design dress shirts from scratch, choosing different fabrics, various styling components, and having something perfectly fitted, whilst still being able to do it affordably, Fan thought that there may have been a $257 business to this idea, which would have doubled the money he had at the time.

About Us

A Boston based custom dress shirt company started in November 2009, Blank Label wants to bring the experience of custom apparel to the masses, making it affordable by bringing it online. 

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